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Zone Face Lift as mentioned in the Daily Mail 2nd January 2017 and Tatler magazine February 2017 issue.

Bliss With Benefits

The Bergman Method of non invasive Zone Face Lift.
Described by Sarah Vine - Daily Mail Beauty Editor) as "A contender for London's best facial treatment"
This exclusive treatment was founded by Ziggy Bergman who offers this treatment at London's leading Wellness Club for Women - Grace Belgravia.

A luxurious treatment, the Zone Face Lift has been developed from a combination of the very best and most effective ancient and modern face lifting massage techniques into one rejuvenating treatment. Using pressure-point massage along with Native American techniques, Asian body mapping, healing herbs, jade and crystals it is renowned for removing as much as 10 years of ageing over the 12 week programme which lifts the face and spirit alike.
Designed to be a gentle and non invasive approach to looking younger which aims to offer a glowingly radiant complexion after the very first treatment.
It works primarily by freeing the constrictions both within the facial muscles and the connective tissue. Skin detoxification improves skin tone and reduces puffiness. It invigorates facial energy and blood circulation throughout the face relieving signs of stress and tension whilst the treatment itself leaves the recipient feeling extremely relaxed and soothed.

Combining Face Lift Massage with Facial Reflexology creates a whole feeling of well being

NB Facial Reflexology/ Massage is not suitable if you have had botox or facial fillers in the last 3-6 months.

Sally - Equestrian

'Last night I had a 'Face Lift Massage' from the amazing Dee Parkinson. For months I have not been recognising myself in the mirror due to the tiredness and stress that has been etched into my face. This morning I was pleasantly surprised, to see myself, the person I look for each day, looking back at me. I highly recommend this treatment and have already booked another one for a weeks time.'

Cathy - Teacher
Just wanted to say thank you Dee for another brilliant session. Your new Zone Face Lift combined with a foot reflexology session left me feeling so very relaxed and calm. You explained every step, gave me some useful tips and hints I could do at home and I am so pleased with the results. The fine lines around my eyes have gone and even the lines around my lips are a lot less visible now. I would highly recommend this treatment. It does wonders to your complexion. Thank you again Dee.

'Bliss with benefits!'

'The treatments have benefited me , not just visibly but physically and mentally too. I leave with a feeling of total well-being and calmness'

'As a Botox user for many years, I felt it was the time to try something more natural. I found Dee and the Zone face Lift. My skin now feels nourished, bright and alive. People have commented on how well I look and I am feeling the benefits of being relaxed and feeling well'.

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